Studio Restaurant History

The history of the Studio Restaurant and Lodge – built 1895, established 1980.

1856 – Recorded as part of Hawthorne farm, the plot was used for farming land.

1891 – David Moore, a nail master, sells the land to Samuel Newton, an ironmonger, for £450 but the land was farmed by John Darby of Halesowen.

1892 – There were many owners of the property between 1856 and 1892 but then a Mr Herbert Glaston mortgages the plot to Mr Henry Wood.

1894 – The area is still farmed and the main building is the exact size of the frontage as The Studio is today. Mr Moore leases part of the property to a James and Eliza Kirby from Snowhill. The part leased was the right hand side of the dining room as you walk in. There was a separate door where the window now faces up the hill towards Quinton.

1894 to 1896 – The Kirbys realised the commercial potential of the property as people begin to travel into Birmingham wholesale markets from the country.

This now became a dwelling house as opposed to a farm out-building and The Studio as we know it today was built.

The dining room and bar were the original rooms. The bar its self is where the old range used to be – what a pity it was taken out. There was another range where the liqueurs are in the dining room.

The Kirbys sell the lease to Mr Henry Yeomans – a gardener. His allotment was where the carpark now is, without the Lodge of course.

Mr Yeomans rents out the room at the front which is half of the dining room where the fire place is today. A young couple take the room and the lady gives birth to a son. we have no details as to how long the young couple rent the room but the lady returns to The Studio much later on in her life (read on).

1933 – The Whitcombe family move to Quinton. Mr Yeomans approaches Mr Whitcombe and asks him if he would be interested in buying the house. He is getting on in years and wished to make provision for his daughter and brother.

There was gentleman’s agreement and Mr Whitcombe would pay Mr Yeomans as and when he required it until the debt be paid. This agreement was later sealed at the solictors office.

At this point, one side of the building was run as an Outdoor/Ale shop and Mr Yeomans made his own beer with the natural well in the cellar. We have on many occasions tried to block up this spring but it just keeps coming back.

1947 – Mr Whitcombe now decides to move his family into this property, the shop now being run by a Miss Cooper. (We have a photograph of Miss Cooper standing by the front door, this picture can be seen in the bar by the little shop).

The Public Health Department decide that the shop should close as she has no running water and both she and the stock are not getting any younger. The old counter is burnt and Miss Cooper is given £200 compensation for closing.

It is suggested that Mr Whitcombe re-open to provide refreshments. So, along with his removal business Mr and Mrs Whitcombe decide to do just that.

1957 – 13th November. Mr Whitcombe dies and the removal side of the business is taken over by Mr Whitcombes son-in-law from his youngest daughter. He continues the business, and, using the Whitcombe name, the business survives today.

1959 – Mr Whitcombes eldest daughter, now Mrs Creed and her husband take over the shop. It has by now developed into a very busy cafe.

The removal company, Whitcombes move to Ridgacre Lane.

Mr and Mrs Creed move into the cafe with their two sons and daughter. The cafe runs very sucessfully for many years until ill health forces them to close in 1965.

1978 – Mr & Mrs Creed Snr and his son John decided to embark in a partnership to establish a restaurant ‘The Studio Restaurant’.

1980 –  The Studio Restaurant opens

1983 – Easter Sunday – lunch. An elderly lady and her son come to lunch. This proved to be a tremendous coincidence as this turned out to be the lady that as newly wed rented the front room from Henry Yeomans.

Unknowingly we had seated her on table two where, as a young woman, her bed had been and she had given birth to the son who happened to be treating her to lunch that day.

In August of that year The Creeds (junior) have a daughter called Natasha. (And to spook you all we go to Quinton Church to arrange her christening and who is there also ? but the aforementioned son arranging his mothers funeral).

1988 – The Partnership was disolved and Mr Creed Snr Retired. As the need for accommodation increases the Lodge is built.

1989 – Daughter no. 2 is born. Harriet Alexandra, completing the family. Born on American Independence Day we know where she gets her independent streak from. The children are 4th generation to live at The Studio.

1995 – The Studio gets 6 more rooms totalling 11 altogether and a large laundry. Will it be big enough? Have we finished?

1998 – 22nd December. Mrs Creed senior passes away leaving The Studio in safe hands and with fond memories.

2004 – 18th November. Mr Creed senior passes away leaving The Studio in safe hands and with fond memories within his Stain Glass features & Paintings around the restaurant & lodges.

2009 – Nearly 30 years later Mr John Creed Jnr still continues to run the Restaurant & Lodge with the help of his partner Belinda.

John is still the Head Chef !!